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Desk Policy for Teams

What Desk Policy can do for your team

Improve employee compliance

Improve employee compliance

Digitally distribute policies and set reminders for employees to accept anytime, anywhere.
Remotely distribute policies

Remotely distribute policies

Instantly or schedule policies to automatically publish to specific employee groups.
Audit acceptance policy log

Audit acceptance policy log

Complete audit of each employee so you can identify who has not accepted or understood.

Create a consistent policy lifecycle

Launch a consistent policy lifecycle

Publish and import your policies to specific groups or all employees, ready for them to accept and sign from anywhere, on any device.

  • Easily create new and import existing policies
  • Target policies to specific groups of employees
  • Access online from anywhere, on any device
  • Reports & tracking on certification and acceptance
Create training for policies to ensure understanding

Ensure understanding & compliance using training

Increase staff knowledge of the risks, threats and controls in place; to help mitigate financial and reputational damage.

  • Obtain policy affirmation and understanding
  • Quantify employees understanding of policies
  • Provide employees with training certification
Publish & distribute with version control
Publish & distribute with version control
Version Control

Publish & distribute with version control

Publish policies to the desired audience. Comprehensive search capabilities. Version control and archival.

  • Automatically publish policies to specific employee groups
  • Set reminders to prompt employees to sign
  • View acceptance of previous policies
Real Time Updates Training
Training Signed Graph
Acceptance Rate
Build Reports

Reports, tracking & analytics

Generate reports to assess your company's compliance.

  • Identify employees who have not accepted or understood policies
  • Export reports ready for management
  • Receive real-time analytics

Integrates with your workflow

Desk Policy can intergrate with a selection of apps and services to help your policy management workflow.

Office 365 - Desk Policy Integration
Sharepoint - Desk Policy Integration
Microsoft Power BI - Desk Policy Integration
MSSQL - Desk Policy Integration
Oracle - Desk Policy Integration

If you want to integrate or don't see a particular integration here, please speak to our team contact@deskpolicy.com

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Feature ready for your organisation

Create & Import Policies

  • Easily to create new policies
  • Import existing policies
  • Dedicated account manager
  • One-click policy distribution

Automatic Versioning

  • Policy version history
  • Track each employee policy version
  • Easily check employee is not up-to-date with latest policies

Digital Signatures

  • Signature notifications
  • Signature reporting & exports
  • Employees can save own signature for future policies
  • Signature version tracking

Security & Privacy Compliance

  • GDPR ready
  • Enterprise level SLA & security
  • Enterprise deployment
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